Help put a Bible in the hands of 20,000 people by
December 31. It's the best time to give the greatest gift.

All around the world people are waiting for Bibles. Amazing, isn't it! The book that has changed more lives than any other book in history is still changing lives today.

We live in a country where most people have access to a Bible; many have multiple copies in their homes. But the rest of the world is not nearly as fortunate. American Bible Society continues to have more requests for Scriptures than we can deliver, and your partnership is vital to our ability to send more Bibles. We need your help to give 20,000 people a Bible of their own by December 31. Please, send Bibles now.

Giving is always wonderful, and giving before year end is especially meaningful this year. Changes to tax laws could limit how much you can deduct next year.

There is no better time than now to make a tax deductible donation.

Just $5 places a Bible in the hands of a deserving soul.

The American Bible Society's Gift GuaranteeWhen you give to American Bible Society, you can know that your donation will be used carefully
and prayerfully to share God's Word. Last year alone, American Bible Society
impacted 5.1 million people with the message of God's great eternal love.